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4 Facebook Pages That Promote Disability Awareness

Do you know what is disability awareness? Well, how well do you know about cerebral palsy? How well do you know about body paralysis? If you are not aware of these and other forms of disabilities, then you might have a hard time understanding disabled people. In this world, disabled individuals often feel like they are treated as second-class citizens. Because there are certain things that they cannot do, they suffer from prejudice as well as negative discrimination. In fact, there are disabled individuals who end up getting rejected by their own family.

But there are also times when disabled people are not treated like they are supposed to be treated. For instance, one might see a disabled person having a hard time going up a wheel-chair ramp and nobody around him even cared enough to assist him. If you have friends or even family that are disabled, you would want to understand them better so that you can treat them better, don’t you? Fortunately, there are some good Facebook pages that can help improve your knowledge on disability awareness.

Facebook Pages

Disability Rights International

Disabled people have rights too and a lot of people usually ignore that fact. Every disabled individual is entitled to human rights. They should never be treated as lower forms of humans just because they are suffering from certain disabilities. It is a good thing that various groups like Disability Rights International are promoting awareness of disability rights among disabled individuals. The page, Disability Rights International can be a very helpful site where one can know more about the rights of disabled individuals. And take note that Disability Rights International has other FB pages which are specially made for certain areas. For example there are fully-promoted pages, like Disability Rights Florida which has more than eighteen thousand likes. There are also other developing pages such as Disability Rights which have more than a thousand likes.

Disability Scoop

Disability Scoop is the official FB page of a website with the same name. All the links posted in this page come directly from the said site. The main website contains so many interesting write-ups that any disability awareness advocate would enjoy reading. Of course, most of the best ones are definitely shared on the Facebook page. Autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and so many major topics on disability are discussed here. There is at least one post a day. Thus, you will always learn something new about disability. Some of its interesting posts include one on how pediatricians can treat behavioral problems and even one on how autism originates during pregnancy. The page has more than thirty-nine thousand likes and counting.

Disability Scoop

Disability Support Group

Every disabled person needs a support group or two. A support group can consist of friends, family, and even other disabled individuals. The problem is that there are so many disabled individuals out there who never have any support group at all. Thus, they face the cruel world alone without anybody cheering them in their life. It is a good thing that pages like the Disability Support Group are available. This page is like a community that not only consists of disabled individuals but even ones who simply want to lend their support to disabled people. There are more than five thousand ‘likers’ for this page and they are very free to interact with each other. Most of these post interesting articles and even start healthy discussions – even casual ones that do not really relate to disability and health.

Handicap International

Another good page to ‘like’ and follow is the Handicap International pages. There are so many of these. Some examples include the page for HI Canada, HI UK, and HI US among others. Handicap International is a charitable organization that is active in providing assistance to the handicap community.  They do great things such as provide artificial limbs, help with disability rehabilitation, and improve the general health of handicapped individuals among other things. They are also very active in promoting the rights of disabled people – one of the main reasons why the organization has been started. They also provide assistance by cooperating with other groups and civil society groups that are focused on the handicap community.

Why waste your time sharing insignificant posts in Facebook? Check out these pages and support them to promote disability awareness. It is about time the voices of these disabled individuals be heard!

Handicap International

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