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Embracing 21st Century Education Through Digital Learning Tools

As the education system continues to evolve, innovative ways of learning are introduced to keep up with the times. These new methodologies are driven by technology and cater to a generation of techno-savvy students. From smart devices, social media platforms to new applications, the educational system benefits from these tools by creating a new learning experience. It also encourages educators to explore and innovate their teaching methodologies in the classroom.

More Educators Embrace Technology

Statistically speaking, tapping into technology as an educational tool has generally been favorably received by educators, parents, and students. A technologically-advanced space is key to the modern learning experience. In fact, several studies have shown a favorable perspective on using technology as a tool. One such report from PBS Learning Media indicates that around 74 percent of teachers agree on the importance of technology in developing and expanding learning materials in the classroom. The same number of educators also agreed that technology has pushed students to participate in the classroom.

Moreover, the same report showed that around two-thirds of educators surveyed want more technology, Also, a majority indicated educational apps and websites as among the essential uses for digital gadgets such as tablets and other smart devices. The figures from the survey generally reflect a favorable view on utilizing technology in the classroom.

Expanding Connectivity

Educational tools such as ClassDojo provides a platform for students to create their own digital portfolios. These are collections of images, videos, audio recordings, journal entries, and other types of written content that are put together in one creative file. They may highlight the student’s daily achievements as well as thoughts about a certain project or topic discussed in the classroom.

Digital portfolios provide a glimpse of a student’s performance at school. It also encourages their creative development and academic growth. As a communications and networking tool, it bridges home and school life by providing a fun way for parents to reach out to their kids.

Impact on Learners

The US Department of Education supports the use of technology in the classroom for several reasons. First, the methodology helps students acquire 21st-century skills. It also facilitates the learning process by combining education with something that kids enjoy doing outside the classroom. When talking about cost-effectiveness, content is accessed online thus reducing the expenses from paper-based learning materials.

Majority of the states also support online or virtual learning systems at their respective districts. As an option, blended methods are also encouraged where students experience a combination of classroom-based and virtual learning environments. These models connect learners with teachers and resources within an online system.

The education system has now expanded more into the digital arena. Learning materials can now be accessed through online modules and shared among peers. Even class projects can now be created digitally and shared using various platforms. From a purely personal process, the learning environment becomes a connected hive as students interact with their classmates and teachers when sharing their class projects online.


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