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Few Facts You Should Know Before Creating A Website

The term web hosting refers to the function of storing a website and making it available in the internet. Sometimes such a service provider may mean a business or company who will rent out their computers commonly referred to as servers. They also helps to provide internet connectivity so that any random internet user can access the website and view your content.

When a random internet user residing in a different location types your website address to their web browser their computer will connect with the server first. Once connected to the server the web pages will be delivered to them by their web browser.

There are four different classes of web hosting types available. While all these hosting server types would have the common function of storing your website, they differ significantly in their storage capacities, cost, technical knowledge requirements, server speed and reliability, like qualities. All the four types can be memorized easily with letters SVDC.

S for Shared Hosting

It’s where your website is storedon a server among thousand other websites. All these websites stored in the server share same physical CPU and RAM, so you will be sharing the resources as well. Advantageare low cost and minimum technical knowledge requirement. Disadvantages are your site’s performances will be affected by other sites and the server’sinability to handle high web traffic.

V for Virtual Private Server(VPS) Hosting

It’s where one server is split into many virtual servers and your website is stored in one of the virtual spaces, it’s like having a dedicated server but this type also stores your website with few other sites.Its advantages are low cost compared to a dedicated server and more control over server resources. The scalability is also an additional advantage.Site performance will be still affected by other sites and it too cannot handle huge web traffic and those are the disadvantages.

D for Dedicated Server Hosting

This type stores only your website and puts you in total control on the server. So it’s like renting a whole server for your stingy self. You will have advantages like totally independent website performance &ability to handle maximum traffic. The biggest disadvantage is the high price as well as the lack of scalability. You will be paying for resources that you don’t even use.

C for Cloud Server Hosting

It’s where a team of servers called as cloud works together to host a group of websites. Advantages are ability to handle more traffic. Disadvantage is the higher cost and inability to give root access if you want to change server settings.E.g.Hostgator, A2 Hosting.

Before you pick a hosting provider you might want to research more on following three things.

  • Cost of servers
  • Location of servers

So remember folks to make your website accessible you have to store it in a server,to store it you have to rent it and there are 4 hosting types you can choose from.

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