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Guidelines for selecting the perfect WordPress theme

WordPress is used to primarily develop numerous types of websites. The countless themes available are used to make websites that befit every industry and company. That is the reason why the themes provided are dissimilar. The content of your websites should guide you in selecting a theme. Picking the right theme is a tough choice for many people. Use the following guidelines to make a perfect choice.


Many themes are complex and filled with many colours. Complex themes are good in some cases but they can turn out to be a limitation. Simplicity is outstanding when building sites. The theme should assist in adding more subscribers to your page. Complex wordpress themes that do not attract the target clients are useless. Prefer using a theme that is very simple but more effective.

Mobile friendly

Most people prefer using the mobile devices to access the internet. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will have minimal visits. That will greatly hinder the growth of your business. Make sure your preferred theme is mobile friendly. That will empower your webpage to capture millions of mobile users. Test the theme to confirm if it is mobile friendly or not.


The plugins aid in boosting the functionality of your wordpress website. They are a great pillar in enabling your wordpress to attain its objectives. For that to be possible, the theme should support popular wordpress plugins. Sometimes knowing if the theme supports those plugins is hard. In such a case, ask the developer of that theme.

Browser compatibility

Never test the theme with one browser. It might seem perfect in that browser but highly inefficient in others. Your users might prefer using other browsers. They will find it cumbersome to access your website. A good theme will have undergone testing using effective browser compatibility test tools. Those selling the themes always mention if they have been tested using these tools.

Translation and multi-lingual ready

Your website will be reaching people across the globe. What limits transactions between people of different countries or continents is language barrier. This shows the need of translating your website to other languages and vice versa. Make certain that your wordpress theme is translation ready. That will make it possible to create a multi-lingual website in future. Your client base will definitely increase.


The best theme will have customer support services. You can call for assistance whenever your wordpress site breaks down. This is an advantage that people using free themes never get. Most of the theme developers offer email based support. Focus on the consistency of the developers in providing solutions. They should be quick in solving reported issues.

Page builders

The wordpress plugins that help to develop layouts using drag and drop interface are page builders. The page builders are already installed on the theme before they are sold. Page builders used by the developer only will need clean-up due to production of unwanted codes. Purchasing page builders separately is the best option. Bought page builders can be used on other themes.

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