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Having the Right Accessories Can Make Your Audio Visual Equipment More Effective

Buying equipment for offices or business establishments can cost a pretty penny. Indeed, a new television, speakers, projectors, and much more can add up to a lot of money in the end. This is one of the main reasons why this kind of equipment is only bought once every few years. Naturally, they must be cared for and protected from exposure to the elements and wear and tear.

Accessories for AV equipment

One of the best ways to protect expensive audio-visual equipment at the office or at commercial establishments is to use the right accessories. Examples of these are TV stands, wall mounts, media cabinets, trolleys, lifts and table systems. LCDs and television sets can be mounted or installed on any of these in order to make them portable and easy to store.

The advantage of mounts and stands is that they allow televisions or LCD screens to be transported to different locations; say from one room to another. The wheels make it easy to move to different venues. The cabinet-type accessory, on the other hand, offers more protection and can house the screen as well as speakers and other supplementary equipment such as a projector or microphone.

The great thing about stands is that they can be operated remotely. This means you can adjust the height and angle of the flat screen TV or monitor to meet the requirements of your audience. If you’re presenting before a large group seated in an auditorium, you can raise the stand so the screen can be seen even by people at the back.

Keeping up with technology

Table setups can make use of one or multiple screens and are normally used for video conferencing. In this day and age of the Internet, having meetings with clients and suppliers in another country has been made seamless and easy with the best technology and equipment. The table setup basically prepares a conference room for you and your business partners and colleagues.

The conference setup should be efficiently handled and should include connectivity requirements such as cabling, codec, cable well and built-in four-way power sockets. The video conferencing camera and table tops can be customised to meet client preferences and requirements. They can even display company logos and colours for important client calls or pitches.

Additionally, you can find LED mounting structure systems, whole video walls that can be rolled smoothly back and forth, stretched landscape, and extended portrait screens. There are so many applications of audio-visual technology in businesses and commerce like those offered by www.unicol.com. Take advantage of everything that it can do for your company and trust only people who have the right skills and experience in handling such equipment.

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