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Justice League : A review on the movie and how they impact Video games

Besides all the Rotten Tomato reviews and the media coupling with Marvel Fanboys to slam the DC Univese Movie we think it was a brilliantly entertaining and a fun film from start to finish. The story was same old superhero plot with an Extra Terrestrial being coming down to enslave earth with is cannon fodder army.

The only fault with this film is the runtime as 2 hours is not enough for a team up when 3 of the team have to be introduced in such a short time. And this isn’t like introducing B Rate Super Heroes like Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch or Quick Silver who really don’t need a film to be introduced but Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg needed their own movie before the team up happened.

 Their introduction wasn’t as rushed as I anticipated, Jason Momoa was a fantastic Aquaman, He’s funny and a bad ass and was so much better than he should have been. Ray Fisher as Cyborg was ummm.. okay, but he wasn’t used to his full potential and was only there to hack into computers and was hardly ever in the action. Ezra Miller played a great Flash. Although we do not think he calls himself Flash yet, He’s a big geek, has a little fighting skill and is very clumsy. But he’s so funny and was used very well in many parts of the movie. We can’t wait to see him gain more confidence in his ability moving forward.

We all knew Superman is coming back and the way he was brought back wouldn’t be the best of kind but it was ok. The return was brutal but we all were happy to see him again. We also have J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon only he was hardly in it and felt more like an afterthought in this film.

The action was fantastic, much fun with some great effects to top it off, Steppenwolf was great and a bad ass at times but he was dispatched too easy at the end.

Now moving from the review to the impact of movies like Justice League has on Video games world, it is huge like getting influenced by the story line, improving the game play, elements to create a bond between the player and the game characters and so on.

Nowadays games get influenced a lot by movies more than ever before. Developers still utilize storytelling and filmic techniques from our favourite movies and books.

A lot of games are also taking an episodic approach to keep players engaged over long periods of time, much like a television series or film trilogy.

It has taken a long time but video games have finally earned respect for the stories they tell, even from those who don’t play games. With new innovations coming our way, such as the arrival of virtual reality, it’s possible that games will even surpass movies as the go-to entertainment for getting lost in enticing characters, stories, and worlds.

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