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Lots to Know About Web Hosting

The service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on to the internet is known as web posting. It is a business providing the technologies and services that are necessary for the website or web page for viewing in the internet. Special computers known as servers stores and hosts the websites. If someone wants to view your website, all they have to do is to type your website name or address in to their browser and then their computer will be connected to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

There are web hosting companies that would require that you own your domain in order to host with them and if you do not have any domain name then they will help you to buy one.

There are many types of website hosting services that are available for hosting your website. It is essential for you to understand what kind of service your website needs, the kind of server you and your business require, your budget, and what types of services the web host offers before signing up for the web hosting services.

  • Shared hosting: In this environment you and your website owners share one server. It includes sharing physical server and the software applications within the server. These services can be afforded as the cost of operating the server is shared between you and other owners of the server. But on other hand there are also downsides like, being slower.
  • Website builders: This service is a type of hosting service that caters to beginners who require hosting a website, but unable due to the technical skills and knowledge to build one. The services typically provide you with an online browser based interface so as to build your website and to host the website for you without any additional set up.
  • Dedicated hosting: in this service you have the whole web server to yourself. Thus it gives you the faster performance. In this service you don’t have to share your service with anyone, making it entirely yours. Also you have to solely pay for the cost as you are the only owner of the service. This service is best for those who need a lot of system resources or need a higher level of security.
  • Collocated hosting: in this service, you buy your own server and can have it housed at a web host`s facilities. You are responsible for the server alone. The benefit in this service is that you have an overall control of the web server. Also you can install any scripts or applications you need.
  • Free web hosting: This service is a good option for smaller, personal websites. There are many free web hosting providers that would offer you all types of features that include; CGI access and more. The disadvantage of this service is that they are funded by advertising that appears on your site, this is why free web hosting is good for personal rather than business websites.

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