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The Importance of Computer Training your Employees

 PBecause computers are such a big part of most modern day workplaces, making sure your employees know how to work well with them is key to keeping your business running as efficiently as possible. From making sure nobody calls the IT guys because they forgot to plug something in, to making sure data capture and communication are as efficient as possible, here are a few guidelines for computer training your personnel.

The Basics

New employees will likely enter the workplace with drastically varying computer knowledge and experience. For this reason, it’s advisable to have your in-house tech sit with new employees for a couple hours, not necessarily at one time, or send them on a training course. This way, you know that all employees have a basic knowledge of your operating system, common programs like word, excel, and Outlook, and any programs your company uses regularly.


Basic computer training will allow your employees to do a lot for themselves that might otherwise require calling in the IT guy. If they can fix minor problems as they arise and install new programs that are needed, they will be more self-sufficient, thus more productive. No more waiting for the IT before you can carry on with work. Knowing how to do things for themselves that they couldn’t previously is also a great morale booster.

Keeping Up to Date

Every time you upgrade your computers or introduce a new program, run a day, or just a couple hours, of training on the new system. This way, you know all staff are up to date and aware of any changes. When you make changes, make sure you adjust the training for new hires accordingly.

Run Backups

Part of training should include making sure employees know how and where to save documents and data, and how to back it up. Cloud storage is a secure, easily accessible form of backup storage. Keeping computers free of older data also means that current projects are easier to find and manage, and the machine will run faster – a full hard drive really slows down a computer.

Provide Adequate Support

It’s important for employees to have a reasonable understanding of the equipment they work with, but you can’t expect them to be IT experts alongside their day job. If you don’t want, or need to hire a full-time, in-house tech, search for a consultant company in your area (i.e. Ottawa IT Companies). A consultant company can provide day to day desktop support as well as the occasional call out when necessary and won’t cost as much as an in-house technician.

Ground Rules

Along with basic training, your staff should know what is and is not ok on office computers. Installing non-work related programs, social media during work hours and any illicit activities are obviously out.

Employees who know what they’re doing, working with a system that runs smoothly, will make for a more productive, more efficient workplace.

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