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The Most Helpful Motion Graphics Tutorials

In web design and marketing the phrase ‘Motion Graphics’ refers to animated graphics and illustrations designed to spruce up websites, presentations, and other marketing materials. Motion graphics are often made using the popular Adobe application After Effects. You can create animated effects for any website or blog using this application. If you’re new to motion graphics or simply need to improve your design skills then you should check out one of these helpful motion graphics tutorials. These tutorials will walk you through creating motion graphics animations for landing pages, websites, and other web projects that grab your visitor’s attention and make a great first impression.

1. Creating Animated Text

Animated text is a core component of many motion graphics. This video tutorial will guide you through the process of editing and animating any text for inclusion in your motion graphic projects. This tutorial shows you how to create wave-type animations that make great banners and titles. This beginner-level guide only requires access to After Effects and about 15 minutes of your time to complete.

2. Movie Title Effects

Animated movie title effects work great in any motion graphics presentation. They are a great way to open your project and look professional with any content or landing page. Follow this short video to create a stunning movie title for your next motion graphic.

3. Animation Curves for Motion Graphics

This is an essential tutorial for anyone learning to create professional motion graphics. Using animation curves is crucial in directing your animations and creating paths for your graphics to follow. Follow this guide to become an expert in animation curves. This video is a must watch for those wanting to take their motion graphics to the next level.

4. Improving Your Motion Graphics

For creators already familiar with motion graphics concepts and tools, this video will help round out your motion graphic design skills. This is a great tutorial for users wanting to create line effects and other animations for web-based animated graphics. Import your illustrations and other images to create an artistic motion graphics for any website or blog using this easy-to-follow tutorial.

5. Green Screens for Motion Graphics

Many motion graphics include video footage of speakers or presentations. You can embed your own video into your motion graphics with the help of a green screen and this helpful tutorial. This tutorial will show you everything you need to know to create the foreground video for your motion graphic website presentation.

6. Particles Text Effect

This popular text effect tutorial will improve your next motion graphics project by allowing you to add stunning text overlays to any background. This tutorial uses After Affects to create animated text and banners.

7. Motion Graphics Weekly

This tutorial is best for intermediate users of After Effects as it requires some basic knowledge of the tools and settings within the application. Through this guide you will learn how to animate icons and other illustrations to create a robust motion graphic for any website. The Motion Graphics Weekly tutorial is a great choice for WordPress site owners, as it teaches you how to create complex animations that can be uploaded to WordPress hosting. This comprehensive video is just over an hour long.

8. Animated Letters

This quick tutorial will teach you how to create animated letters that transform from basic dots and lines. This is a neat way to bring your text to life and show users you know how to create professional content. This tutorial is beginner-friendly and should only take 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Combine this tutorial with the movie title effects tutorial for an impressive animated effect.

9. After Effects Motion Graphics

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for motion graphics training, this is it. The tutorials included in this three hour course will walk you through everything from creating icons for animation to composing full-feature motion graphics for your website or blog. Anyone with WordPress hosting will appreciate this tutorial’s focus on web content and CMS-friendly animated graphics.

10. News Ticker Tutorial

Many website owners and content producers seek to create a news ticker style scrolling text effect for their videos and animations as it’s a great way to display important messages over background content. This tutorial will help you create a classic news ticker style animation that looks great on any website or educational video.

Motion graphics are a great way to improve the design aesthetic of your website and garner interest in your products or information. By adding motion graphics to any landing page or website you can increase the length of time your visitors stay on your pages and keep their attention long enough to make a sale. Motion graphics are also great for educational and informative websites since they help readers digest large amounts of content through brief video sequences.

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