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Which postpaid plan is good for travel bloggers?

Travel the world, post the most sensational photos and videos and engage with a global audience – but have the best postpaid plan when you do.

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like to travel? Have new experience, see the most stunning locales and meet interesting people along the way? Travel enriches your mind and expands your horizons. You become a different person with every successive trip. And this is only for leisure travellers – imagine if you travelled full time as a travel blogger!

Work as a travel blogger…

Travel blogs are fun and educational to read, and also to compile. If you think about it, it’s actually the best job in the world. As a travel blogger, the world is literally your oyster. You need to figure out your finances, maybe save money regularly from your day job, and then plan your next outing. Once the finances are secured, you are free to travel to whichever place your heart fancies.

Popular travel bloggers are soon snapped up by tour operators and travel companies that want them to write about certain places or services in exchange for a fee. Lately, several bloggers have also gained immense popularity with their sponsored posts on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a cushy job to be in – travel the world on paid tickets and accommodation, meet new people, see exciting new places, eat unusual food and soak in the culture. In return, all you have to do is write about your experiences, make recommendations wherever possible, answer readers’ queries, and post pictures and videos.

However, there is one basic thing you need to get right as a travel blogger: having the best postpaid plan on your phone or laptop.

Why a good postpaid plan matters

Travel bloggers need to upload large volumes of data, most of it containing images, audio and video. They also need to post packets of textual matter on their blogs. Besides, the blog itself must be maintained properly at all times – you must take care to see that there is no downtime on it, and that you are able to access it whenever you wish to address reader queries and comments.

All of this requires a good postpaid plan on your phone or laptop, based on the device you use to post on your blog. A postpaid SIM may be used inside a mobile dongle for your laptop. A good postpaid plan ensures always-on connectivity, and no network outages when you are trying to compose a new blog post. It should also not stutter when you are uploading images to Instagram or Facebook, or if you are in the middle of a live chat with your readers.

Compare postpaid plans across leading mobile service providers before you select the most suitable one. Every mobile service provider will tell you that they have the best postpaid plans with a variety of useful features. But do compare postpaid plans, especially those with similar monthly rentals, to pick the best ones.

If it’s a question of picking the best plan for your phone or mobile dongle, we suggest choosing Airtel and not even bothering to compare postpaid plans with other service providers. You need sufficient data every month, a reasonable monthly rental, always-on connectivity, unlimited roaming outgoing and income calls, etc. You get all these features and more with the Airtel postpaid plan that you pick.

Just look up Airtel’s postpaid plans for your city, and pick the most suitable one. Airtel currently has four to five really great postpaid plans, based on the city of your residence. You can pick a plan, place your order for it and let Airtel complete the purchase process for you.

Being a travel blogger is double the fun with an Airtel postpaid connection at your service.

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