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Why Your Non-Profit Needs Fundraising Software

Non-profits are designed to raise funds for philanthropic and charitable endeavors. From AIDS walks and cancer research to holiday toys for the underprivileged – these organizations have and continue to help countless families and individuals across the world. However, many charities continue to struggle with keeping the books – especially when it comes to donor pledges, financial allocation, and client fulfillment. In order to remove the clutter and keep everything up to date, fundraising software for non-profits is essential. These programs and apps help centralize everything from donor communications and pledges to thank you letters and more.

The Benefits of Fundraising Software

There are several benefits of fundraising software for non-profits. For one, organizations are able to engage donors from a myriad of devices. This includes wireless units, along with traditional desktops and laptops. These applications also offer numerous features, including donor management, online fundraising, social engagements, and even blog and website management. As always, features can be modified or customized to reflect your immediate or long-term needs. Most programs seamlessly integrate with existing software and systems, while allowing clients access to pertinent information as it relates to their donations.

Fundraising Templates and Account Tracking

Fundraising applications truly help organizations save time and money. In fact, these entities will no longer have to rely on traditional hard copies and paper for donor follow-ups, billing, thank you letters, and even cancellations. Whether for small or recurring fundraising projects, templates can easily be customized to achieve all desired results. This includes special templates for mobile fundraising sites, which enable self-service tools for interested donors or visitors seeking information. In addition, organizations can streamline and centralize all communications from one comprehensive and cohesive platform. This means no more specialty mobile apps to manage different aspects of complex fundraising projects.

Fundraising and CMS

Fundraising programs can be integrated with content management systems as well. While CRM used to be the primary portal for donor marketing materials, e-mail lists, and other correspondence – they have somewhat taken a backseat to more detailed and intricate fundraising apps. However, you still have the freedom to utilize existing CRM with your software –especially when it comes to establishing a strong web and social media presence. This is done via direct links from the apps to your fundraising sites, blogs, mobile venues, and even third-party or associated platforms. In a nutshell, fundraising software has the ability to intertwine all your existing protocols into a single donor engagement portal.

With the new digital age upon us, fundraising organizations can no longer depend on traditional means of communication. They need to have software that is reflective of the current and burgeoning fundraising trends. This helps save time, money, and truly establishes your organization as a worthwhile and professional entity in any industry or niche.

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